Planting Zucchini Companion Plants

Zucchini is one of the most beneficial plants, and it’s no secret that these are very expensive when they hit the shelves in the market or produce store. However, one of the good thing about zucchinis is that it is relatively easy to grow and maintain. In this article, we will discuss the zucchini companion plants.

The zucchini plant or also known as Cucurbita Pepo, is a popular plant that can be easily planted and grown even in a small-sized garden. They will thrive in full sun but will also tolerate the shade. Zucchini plant also produces lots of healthy and delicious fruit in a relatively short amount of time. Botanically, zucchini is a fruit but it is often thought of as a vegetable.

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What is Companion Planting

Companion Planting has been practiced for more than centuries. Each plant has its own qualities that can help other plants grow healthier and stronger. The best example of companion planting is the three sister approach where each plant has complementary properties that help each other grow.

The Three Sisters Garden Approach

A popular approach for growing this fruit and planting zucchini companion plants is the three sister garden approach. corns, beans, and squash have been cultivated and perfected by humans for thousands of years, and this technique was proven to be very effective throughout the centuries. The three plants – corns, beans, and the squash or zucchini have a symbiotic relationship as each plant benefits and contributes to each other’s growth.

In the three sisters garden approach, the corn helps provide a natural anchorage for beans to grow and anchor their vines. The beans on the other hand help improve the soil by providing nitrogen to the ground helping the zucchini grow.


The Advantages of Planting Zucchini Companion Plants

Companion Plants help boost the growth of your zucchini, repel pest, and even improve the quality of the fruit. Companion planting also helps save space on your garden as well as help other plants grow.

Other advantages of planting these plants for your zucchini is that companion plants can help to keep the soil moist and prevent erosion as well as to stave of weeds that can ruin your garden. Zucchini companion plants can also help prevent the breakout of diseases as well as attract pollinator and beneficial insects to your garden. Some types of companion plants also help discourage insects and pest. The list below contains the best zucchini companion plants.

One important thing to note is that not all plants are compatible which other so it is important to choose plants that contribute to the health of the zucchini. Below, we will provide a list of zucchini companion plants that you can choose.


List Of Companion Plants For Zucchini

Beans and Peas

One of the best zucchini companion plants is the beans and peas help enrich the nutrients of the soil by increasing the nitrogen content which can help the Zucchini plants to grow.


This fruit is also a great companion plant for zucchini because the tall and sturdy stalks can help beans and peas to grow which in turn provide nutrients to the soil that is very beneficial to the zucchini plant.


Radishes help repel insects and pests like beetles and vine borers that can damage the plants in your garden.


Borages can help attract pollinators such as bees and other beneficial insects. This will also help the zucchinis to pollinate and produce fruit.


This plant is one of because they help deter pest that can harm your zucchini or other plants in your garden.


The Spinach is also a beneficial companion plant for zucchinis because their wide leaves help provide shade in case the summer heat is too hot for zucchinis to handle. Nutrients from fallen spinach leaves can also add nutrients to the soil that is beneficial to the zucchini.


Garlic is also an important plant that can help control pest like aphids which can damage the zucchini.


Mint is also another plant that can help control pest like aphids. The plant can also be used as an ingredient for other dishes.

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Plants to Avoid with Your Zucchini

If there are zucchini companion plants, there are also other plants to avoid planting together with your zucchini as well, they can either compete with the nutrients or prevent other companion plants from growing.


Potatoes are one of the plants that you should avoid planting with your zucchini. This plant is heavy feeders and requires large amounts of nutrients from the soil. This can potentially compete with other plants and stunt their growth.


Pumpkins are also one of the plants that should be avoided because they come from the same species and can affect the zucchini from bearing fruit.


When planting your zucchini, consider picking at least one of our list of companion plants for it. This will drastically help your zucchini to grow healthy and bear delicious fruit. In case you want to ask some questions, leave us a comment below.

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