How The Perfect Landscaping Edger Neatly Finish Your Yard

Lawn edgers come in a wide range of different types and sizes, cutting mechanisms, locomotion, features, and power sources, and so on. Your selection is also based on your needs, such as the size of your lawn, how much you can afford, or the amount of work needed. Feeling lost? This series article will provide you an overview of what to consider about the best lawn edger you can choose for your lawn.

The quickest way to sharpen your garden can only be obtained with a quality lawn edging tool. Before purchasing a lawn edger for your home, you need to ask yourself some important questions. Below are some frequent questions and factors that can help you determine your needs.

Your Yard’s Size

Maybe it’s the most crucial factor when looking for a new lawn edger. If you own a more extensive garden and must be edged regularly, you probably need a more powerful edger helping you complete the job faster and easier. For the smaller garden, invest in a smaller edger.

Your Time Commitment

Edging is a job that requires a time investment. For free gardeners who have much time available to complete edging work, they can be fine with a manual edger that will allow you to be more precise and creative. Most people would like to spend as little time and the edging work being done as easily as possible. Then you will be better served by a more robust and advanced machine.

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Your Budget

The prices range of the best lawn edgers can vary from less than $100 up to $1000. That’s why setting a budget according to your needs is very necessary. This might be a natural part. An electrically-powered lawn edger is the least expensive type, while a gas-powered edger can cost more than ten times as much. So if you would like to invest much in your garden, then you should spend more money. On the other hand, if the edging is not as relevant to you, a lower budget with reasonable prices is suitable.

The Ease of Use of the Edger

Friendly-user, understandable and straightforward model help newbie lawn edger feel more comfortable than a complicated and advanced machine with too much attachment. The edger that is easy to operate and clean after use always the most favorite one.

Three or Four Wheels?

If you have a large lawn to take care of and therefore want a powerful machine, you might wish for an edger with 3 or 4 wheels. Guide wheels keep the blade in line, but 4-wheeled edgers with an extra wheel have greater flexibility and have a more excellent balance, allowing you to edge curb areas more effectively.

Power Source

Your first important decision is whether to get an edger that is manual, gas, or electric-powered. Each model has its pros and cons as below:

Manual, Gas, or Electric?

Gas-powered edgers have power and speed, but they work noisy and potentially damaging to the environment. A fuel-based solution is inconvenient sometimes but is cost-effective and reliable. On the other hand, electric-powered edgers work quieter, cleaner, more convenient, and environmentally friendly but must be operated within a limited distance from a power outlet. They are also more lightweight than gas-powered edgers but still more substantial than battery-powered edgers.

Manual lawn edgers are the most basic type with a rolling wheel, spikes, and a long wooden handle, but working with this requires effort and time commitment because it’s quite a hard and absorbing job. Some advantages of manual edgers are durability, the most low cost, and small storage space.

Corded or Cordless?

Both types are relatively small and lightweight. A cordless edger is much more convenient, but its battery life is an issue you have to deal with. Therefore, they are suitable for a small yard where they can run smoothly without recharging the battery much. While the length of the cord limits your mobility when using.

The parts’ adjustability can give an edger an advantage, such as a height-adjustable handle will be perfect if you are rather small or tall.

Two or Four Cycle Engine?

Gas-powered edgers can have 2 or 4 cycle engines. Two-cycle type is more common, but the damage to the environment because they require you to mix gas and oil. Four cycle engines are much easier to use and more powerful but have a higher price. In addition, the higher the gasoline tank capacity, the heavier the edger will be. Both two styles demand seasonal preparation.


There are two basic options: handheld and walk-behind. A handheld or carried edger includes the basic stick edger, and the versatile hedge trimmer is the most common style of edger because it’s portable and easy to store. But it requires you to bear the weight of the machine. That’s why they are an excellent choice for small to mid-sized lawns. Walk-behind edgers are especially self-propelled; solutions are much more expensive.

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The edger is one of the most important tools for keeping a lawn looking its best because a lawn’s beauty is very important to every modern family. Choosing an edger can be a tough process, but it worth it. Having the right tools at hand can make the difference in how, when, or whether a job gets done and in how much you enjoy doing it.

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