Best Tow Behind Sprayer in 2021

When coping with a large lawn or park area, a tow behind sprayer can be a necessity. Fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides could be hand sprayed, but it would not be easy and it would be very time-consuming. The next question is which one is the best tow behind sprayer?

Things To Consider For Tow Behind Sprayer


The answer will depend on several factors. Is the area on a slope or otherwise uneven? How big is the area involved? How much money do you want to spend? All of these questions… plus more… need to be answered to choose.

For slopes or uneven ground, a sprayer that can be towed by an ATV is wise. They are made for that kind of terrain and the sprayers for it are as well. This can prevent a lot of accidents, injuries and the waste of expensive chemicals. That is not even mentioning the damage that could be done to the yard or the environment.

Purchasing a sprayer is expensive, so spend some time researching. There are reviews of several popular sprayers below, but before getting into that, there are more things to consider. The first is the question of need. Would a backpack sprayer be better? Not for large areas, but they are less expensive.

What is it going to be used for? Is it going to be for misting down a driveway or for spreading stuff over a large area? A smaller unit would work for a long driveway but larger units might be needed for anything over a couple of acres. The size is something that can be discussed with a lawn care expert.

Best Tow Behind Sprayer Reviews – Choose The Best One

BE AGRIEase 90.700.150 15-Gallon ATV Sprayer Review

The BE AGRIEASE 15-Gallon ATV Sprayer is a good example of this sort of sprayer. It can be towed by an all-terrain vehicle easily, although care has to be taken to avoid turning it over. For those worried about the cable, it can be tucked into a special cavity made for it in the sprayer tank area.

The sprayer has a convenient drain plug and a wide neck so that it is less likely that chemicals will be spilled when loading it. The tank itself is made of durable material, which helps make it a long-lasting and one of the best tow behind sprayers on the market. It is also very reasonably priced.

It does have a downside. Some of the rest of the BE AGRIEASE 15-Gallon ATV Sprayer isn’t as sturdy as the tank. It was particularly noted that the hoses and the fixtures they attach to could use some beefing up. It can cause leaks, which are dangerous to the lawn, the person spraying and the environment.

Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer – 13-Gallon Capacity Review

The IRONTON Tow-Behind Broadcast And Spot Sprayer can be towed by either an ATV or a garden tractor. This convenience makes it easier for those who have a combination lawn, with some flat and some uneven. The spray width is forty inches, which means fewer passes are necessary.

The tank is constructed with three layers and gallon markings are molded into it so that it is easier to see how much liquid has been added. This helps keep concentrations at the right levels and prevents overfilling. It can spray trees up to twelve feet tall, along fence lines and in other less accessible areas.

A fault more than a reviewer found was with the tires. The tires that come with it are not particularly reliable. If it can be done, the buyer should go ahead and purchase a sturdier set that will fit the sprayer in order to prevent it from going flat.

Another reviewer pointed out that the sprayer handle, and perhaps the sprayer itself, should not be allowed to get below freezing. Even after it was drained, the handle froze over the winter and split down the seam. However, the price is very affordable and it is easy to put together.

NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer – 21-Gallon Capacity Review

For larger areas and a more reliable sprayer, the NORTHSTAR Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast And Spot Sprayer may be the best tow behind sprayer for those with a medium price range. It does cost more, but it lasts five times longer than others of its kind, including the Ironton tow behind.

This sprayer doubles the spray width of the Ironton at eight inches. For lighter spraying, it reaches even further. The hose doesn’t have a convenient location to be bundled into, but that can be remedied easily enough after it is put together.

The tank for the NORTHSTAR Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast And Spot Sprayer is also larger. The tank is molded to be three times thicker than other tanks to make it sturdier. It increases productivity because it doesn’t require as many stops to refill.

This may be the best tow behind sprayer for those who have a compact area for storing things. The tow bar can slides under the tank when not in use. This also makes it less of a tripping hazard for anyone working in the area it is stored.

While no one has reported that the sprayer has stopped working there are a few reports that it can become somewhat sluggish. The reviewer who reported this problem said it wasn’t often enough to be frustrating but that it did happen.

The solution he found for this problem was to get off the tow vehicle and tap it. He worded it as “waking it up.” It may be due to something being clogged. It may be wise to make sure that the type of gasoline used for these sprayers is the correct type.

While this sprayer isn’t extremely expensive, it isn’t cheap, either. Before purchasing it is important to do some research to make sure it is right for your budget and property. Consider the area that needs to be sprayed as well as the terrain.

Chapin 97600 15-Gallon, 12-Volt EZ Tow Dripless Sprayer Review

The CHAPIN 97600 12-volt EZ Tow Dripless Sprayer is another one of the best tow behind sprayers. This is suitable for large yards and small acreage farms and estates. It features an eight to ten-foot spray width and is made of sturdy plastic and metal.

The reviewer’s comments range between love and hate for this sprayer. Part of the problem for some of the reviewers is that the instructions are difficult to understand. Fortunately, there are only so many ways to put a sprayer together and all of them were able to do it.

There were also the usual complaints about missing pieces. All but one reviewer who had this complaint received the replacement piece immediately. By now the other one may have also received it. However, the compliments outweigh the complaints.

One of the reviewers is a professional lawn maintenance person. He did not have any missing pieces and had no problems putting the sprayer together. He explained that any complaints about the plastic parts were not needed.

This sprayer uses high-grade plastic composite rather than thin sheets. This makes it better able to handle rough terrain. He also pointed out that the sprayer didn’t drip, nor did he need to use extra hardware. He uses it for large properties.

There was some concern that the sprayer might not handle a lot of bumps and bounces, but another reviewer stated that it was used in that type of area and had no problems. The biggest problem would be speed, but Chapin gives a recommended speed limit for the tow vehicle.

As with all machinery, reading and following the instructions is very beneficial. For those who have questions about the sprayer, Amazon and Chapin can provide answers. They will answer both before and after purchase.

All machinery has pluses and minuses. This one has more on the plus column than the minus. It comes with large tank capacity, which means fewer stops to fill it up. Most reviewers found it durable overall and while it may leak a little during use, it does not leak after it stops.

There were two major drawbacks. One, as mentioned, is that the instructions could use some work. However, that can be resolved on youtube or with contacting Chapin. The other is the prices. This is not a cheap sprayer.

Tow Behind Sprayer Spare Parts

All sprayers will require some maintenance in order to remain useful for a long time. Various parts may break or wear out. Spark plugs, oil, and other things will need to be changed from time to time. Here are a few to consider.


A lot of sprayers come with pneumatic tires. The problem is that they go flat very easily, and can do so quickly if something sharp is in the path. Marathon makes solid tires that work on tow behind sprayers.

Some questions have been asked about using these tires over those that come with the sprayers. Most reviewers favor them and they do fit the majority of the units. They do not get squishy, as one person asked, even with a twenty-five-gallon sprayer.

These tires are heavier than a pneumatic tire and it will be felt when driving, especially on grass. However, being free from the worry of flat tires is worth the extra weight. There were no negative reviews for this product.


All kinds of things can happen to a wand. It is easier and less expensive to replace it rather than replace the entire unit. The Solo 430-2G 2-Gallon Sprayer is a well-rated unit for this problem.

Most reviewers of this wand loved it. It works for both backpack and tow behind sprayers, as that question was asked. Many feel that the wand is better than the one that originally came with the sprayer.

There was a reviewer who pointed out something interesting. Many wands leak, especially the inexpensive ones. The quote is this: “Way better than the piece of junk that came with my sprayer. When you finally get tired of getting herbicide, insecticide, or whatever liquids you use, running down your arms and hands: give this wand a try.”

Nozzle Bodies

In order to adjust the spray pattern, nozzle bodies are on the sprayer boom and/or wand. Sometimes things can go wrong with these. Hard water can clog them, for those who add water to their sprayer. Valley Industries 34-140025-CSK Broadcast Sprayer Elbow Nozzle Body Replacement Kit, White is a good replacement part.

While there was only one review of this product, that review was five stars. The reviewer only needed one, but was glad to have the second for future use. It worked as specified by Valley Industries and was of high quality.


Without a pump a tow behind sprayer is useless. However, they do go bad, sometimes after only one season of use. While it is possible to take it to the dealer and have them replace it, it is by far easier to get a replacement pump.

The AG SOUTH 5151087 2.4 GPM 12 Volt High Performance (Hi Flo) Diaphragm Sprayer Pump 60 PSI Max 10 Amps Approved for use w/Roundup is a top seller on Amazon. This pump features a fan-cooled motor and is self-priming. It has been approved for use with Roundup, although that herbicide is falling out of favor.

There have been several reviews of this pump. Some reviewers commented on a switch issue, which can be easily fixed. If left hooked to the tow vehicle, the pump will drain the battery. However, by removing a fuse, it won’t be an issue.

Several reviewers reported a need for different adaptors. These can be purchased on Amazon as well, although some do come with the pump. The only really bad review was based on this; the reviewer was still waiting on the adaptors to arrive.

Most of those reviewing this pump gave it great reviews. Someone bought an older model of a sprayer and the pump had breathed its last. They ordered a new pump and have since pumped several hundred gallons from it with no problems.

Bracket Mounts

In order to tow a sprayer, it needs to be attached to the vehicle somehow. Not all tow vehicles have these mounts and they may not come with the sprayer. They can also break, get rusty or otherwise need to be replaced.

Buyers Products 1701000 Mounting Bracket Kit comes with all of the hardware needed to install it on an ATV or a UTV. While there are no reviews of this product, it is fairly straightforward. It should fit most sprayers and tow vehicles.

Safety Equipment

The first time buyer of tow behind sprayer may want to take some time to review safety. There are items needed to protect the driver from the chemicals and from the dangers of flying debris or possible accidents while towing.

Many people have died because they did not take these safety precautions. Some have developed cancer from the chemicals and others have been killed or severely injured for not wearing the gear.


Safety goggles are a must when working with any chemical. Radians DPG82-11 Concealer Safety Goggle, Clear Anti-Fog Lens can do the job without as much risk of fogging as other goggles have. They can be worn over glasses for those who need them to drive.


Breathing the chemicals being sprayed is harmful. A simple dust mask isn’t likely to do the job. The Breath Buddy Respirator Mask (Plus Safety Glasses) Reusable Professional Breathing comes with safety glasses and should work.

This mask is rated to be used when working with lead and asbestos, which makes it ideal. Some reviewers reported some issues with breathing. However, the reviewer has COPD, which makes it understandable. Most reviewers love it.


The skin is the largest organ in the human body. A lot of things can be absorbed by the skin and chemicals are one of them. Magid Glove & Safety M0014B12 A.R.C. Natural Rubber Latex Electrical Insulating Gloves with Straight Cuff, Class 00, Size 12, 14″ Length, Black (1 Pair) are top-rated on Amazon.

These gloves are used in the chemical industry and can be used for this purpose. They are durable and made from a natural substance so those who are allergic to latex may be able to handle them. The only con listed was dexterity.


In some places, it isn’t legal to skip the helmet, even off-road. It is always dangerous to skip it. Core Helmets Hunter Safety Deluxe Half Helmet are available on Amazon. They have the bonus of ear protection, which is important. ATVs can be loud.

Disclaimer: It is known that some chemicals used by these sprayers can be harmful or fatal. Use it at your own risk. Do not let children under the age of eighteen use this equipment for their safety. Do not use it when drinking or taking medications with warnings about the operation.

Roundup is particularly bad and it can get into fruits and vegetables sprayed with it. For those who are growing food for the home, it would be best to choose a different herbicide. When choosing pesticides and herbicides, read the warning labels.

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