Best Sprinkler Heads Review For This Year

The idea of watering in order to grow things goes back to the Nile River valley and the early agriculture of Ancient Egypt. They didn’t have sprinkler systems, but they did irrigate. This type of irrigation could be labor-intensive.

In the late nineteenth century, the first lawn sprinkler was invented. Others soon followed, including the oscillating sprinkler in the 1930s. Children discovered the delight of running through the sprinklers and it became a beloved part of childhood.

Eventually, it became ideal to install buried sprinkler systems. There was less chance of tripping over the hose and less water was needed. That is important now because many areas have water shortages. The days of letting the water run into the street are over.

What To Consider When Looking For The Best Sprinkler Heads


There are a lot of things to consider both when installing a system and replacing the heads. There are different sprinkler heads for different locations in the yard and/or garden. Some are gentler than others, some are for corners and so forth.

It is necessary to take note of what is growing that needs to be watered. Some plants require more water than others. In water restricted areas it would be wise to plant drought-resistant grass and other plants so less water is needed.

The next step is to measure the areas that need to be watered. To choose the right sprinkler heads, space has to be taken into account. Each sprinkler head reaches a certain distance. This will also require some mathematics.

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Best Sprinkler Head Reviews

Rain Bird 32SA Simple Adjust Gear Drive Rotor, 40° – 360° Pattern, 19′ – 32′ Spray Distance Review

This sprinkler head has received an average of four and a half stars. Most of the customers who posted reviews loved them.

They are not expensive, compared to some of the other sprinkler heads. They can fit into hard to water areas such as parkways. Because they have such a long-range, they can reach a good portion of the lawn. Reviewers commented on that.

One reviewer mentioned having faulty sprinkler heads. Rain Bird was able to send replacement sprinkler heads out with no problem. For many people, this sprinkler head had “the most bang for the buck” as a reviewer said.

One of the things almost everyone mentioned about them is the ease of installation. It is truly an easy install; simply unscrew the old sprinkler head and install the new one. There is no need to call out the landscape company to do it.

Orbit 54009D 360° Full Spray Pattern Shrub Head W/Plastic Nozzle Sprinler Review

It is rare to find products with five-star reviews, but this sprinkler head has it. For less than a dollar, these heads can be added to areas where shrubs and small trees grow.

There was a reviewer who uses these heads to water citrus trees. These trees are tricky to water because the requirements are different than grass. They should be watered deeply once a week. If they are allowed to dry out the leaves will fall off the next time they are watered.

When using these for that purpose they may require a zone of their own, so that the watering requirements can be met. The same goes for shrubs, it is a good idea to check the water requirements before setting the zone.

Rain Bird 25-PJDA-C Brass Impact Sprinkler Review

Impact sprinkler heads revolve on the top of a ball bearing. They are useful for a lot of applications. One problem with impact sprinklers is the noise.

This sprinkler head has been reviewed over six hundred times on Amazon. There are a few complaints, but it does get four and a half stars on average. Most of the reviews are five stars. The negative reviews were probably faulty sprinkler heads.

Impact sprinklers are more durable, meaning they last longer. This sprinkler head is made out of brass and bronze, where other brands may be made out of zinc or even plastic. Those wear out quickly and need to be replaced often.

Some reviewers noted that these heads can get dirt in them. An impact sprinkler depends on water pressure to turn, but if there is debris it cannot rotate completely. Maintenance is a good idea; check them regularly for this problem.

Those who use city water should have no problems with these sprinklers as long as the pressure is high enough. Those who use a well may be able to use impact sprinklers but may wish to look into those that aren’t dependent on water pressure.

Rain Bird 1804VAN Pop-Up Sprinkler, 4″ Review

For those who want the best sprinkler head on the market, it is best to check out the customer reviews. This is an example of one that may not qualify.

While sixty percent of those who rated these sprinkler heads gave it a five-star review, a lot of the actual written reviews put it at three stars or less. The biggest problem is that they don’t spray as large of an area as advertised, even with good pressure.

One three-star reviewer stated that they did not come with instructions. However, a quick search on can help that lack. There are most likely also youtube videos. By the way, is recommended because they plant trees for searches.

Searching sites other than Amazon finds several more sets of reviews. has three stars and up, mostly five stars. This suggests that for those with experience installing them, these can be good replacement sprinkler heads.

That said, there was one reviewer who had an interesting reason for choosing this plastic sprinkler head. The reviewer had brass ones before, and people kept stealing them. There is a rash of metal theft of all kind and sprinkler heads are not immune.

Hunter PGP-ADJ-B 4″ Pop-Up Rotor Sprinkler Review

Rotor sprinkler heads work similarly to the impact variety but with a great deal less noise. These offer a range of motion from forty to three hundred sixty degrees.

Almost every review was five stars for the product itself. The problem is that some customers did not get the advertised nozzle adjustment tool. This can be purchased separately, and some people already had at least one such tool.

These make good replacement products and the reports are that they are easy to install. They only work with three quarter inch threads, which may be a problem for those with a different size. No problems were reported using the product itself.

Rain Bird 1812AP Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler, 12″ Height Review

As stated earlier, consistent five star ratings are hard to find on products. This comes close at four and a half stars.

The most recent ratings are all five stars. It takes time to go further back, and lower scores are probably from a previous batch. That makes this one of the best sprinkler heads on the market.

Sprinkler heads are easily broken; particularly the plastic ones. Reviewers have reported lawnmowers decimating them as well as heavy equipment needed to build fences. However, these sprinkler heads are simple.

A reviewer who is in charge of his condo complex sprinkler system reported that six were broken and there were none available at the local hardware store. He ordered from Amazon with next day delivery and had the repair done by noon the next day.

These stories are great in helping weed out which sprinkler head is best and will work for an area. They also point out how in real life these items will work. This sprinkler head rises far enough that it can water overgrown grass.

Orbit 54184 2-Inch 400-Series Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler Spray Head Review

This is another with a five-star rating, though it has only been rated by one customer. This customer has been using them for six years.

This one is for smaller lawns as it has a reach of eight to twelve feet. It has a two-inch pop-up height and is made of UV resistant plastic. That helps increase the longevity of the product; hence the six years of use.

Not all sprinkler heads are stuck in the ground. Some are attached to hoses and others are on tripods. This allows for easier watering in areas that are small in size or don’t need to be watered as frequently.

Kadaon Garden Sprinkler, 360 Degree Rotating Lawn Sprinkler with Up to 3,000 Sq. Ft Coverage – Adjustable, Weighted Gardening Watering System Review

There was one review of this product on Amazon, and that was five stars.

This is ideal for those who need to adjust the spray for different areas of the garden or lawn. It is powerful enough to use to wash a car but gentle enough to water tomatoes or cilantro. In areas where watering is not always needed, this is a good tool.

The lone reviewer stated that the sprinkler head was being used to water a small garden. The gardener had tomatoes and cilantro which have different requirements. It would be easy to knock the cilantro to the ground with too much force.

VicTsing Garden Hose Nozzle, Hose Spray Nozzle with 9 Patterns Review

Almost all of the reviews for this sprinkler head were five stars.

The biggest problem with it is that it is plastic. If care is taken, this sprinkler will last. However, throwing it on the ground is not going to be helpful to that end. It comes with extra washers, which not all handheld sprinkler heads do.

There were a few complaints that it was broken after one or two uses. That may have been a factory defect or mishandling by the customer. It’s rather hard to tell without an explanation of how it was broken.

PAMAPIC Hose Nozzle Garden Hose Nozzle Hose Spray Nozzle Leak Free High Pressure Heavy Duty 8 Pattern Review

All of the reviews agree that this sprinkler head does not leak.

It is heavy-duty plastic with up to eighteen hundred p.s.i., which allows it to hose down driveways. It isn’t the most powerful, but when washing a pet that is something to be grateful for. Water beads off of the head, which helps prevent it from leaking.

The only complaints about this sprinkler head had to do with closing it. It is not easy to do and if there are problems with the hands, it may not be the right one for the job. One customer mentioned that parts were missing, but that was the seller.

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Accessories And Tools For Sprinklers

Rain-bird Irrigation Lawn Sprinkler System OEM Pull Up Hold Up Bubble Level Adjustment Tool Screwdriver Spray Head Pop Up Set

While it is possible to repair a sprinkler system using standard tools, sometimes having the right tools help.

This set comes with a bubble level, a tool to pull up the sprinkler heads and a special screwdriver to adjust them. By using these tools it will be easier to control the spray, conserve water and do repairs without having to call the professionals.

While Rainbird makes them, they can be used on other brands of sprinkler systems. Most reviewers commented on how easy it was to use them. They also said that it was much better than using standard tools.

Orbit 69500 92-Piece Drip Irrigation Assortment Kit Parent

Seventy-one percent of those who bought this kit gave it a five-star review. For twelve dollars the customer gets parts that would cost a great deal more at “big box” stores.

This is for drip sprinkler systems, and it includes extra sprinkler heads. There are also elbows, tees and other items that are needed to build and operate a drip sprinkler system. Drip systems are for hanging baskets and some container gardens.

Orbit Sprinkler Splash Shield: Water often contains minerals, particularly if it’s from a well. Those minerals can leave stains on vehicles and walls. In order to prevent that from happening, many people buy shields like this one.

The only complaint about this product was that the shields are large. However, most people think they are great. They can be used on corners or straight stretches of irrigation areas. They can also prevent water from getting on the pavement, which could cause injuries.

There were reviewers who mentioned that the purchase was to avoid having to call the company they use to come out and adjust the sprinkler heads. This is useful for those who can’t do it themselves, either because of time or ability.

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Monster in Ground Adjustable Shield for Pop Up Sprinkler Heads (Straight Shield with 14″ Stake)

These are much smaller and are designed for protecting windows and other small areas. It wouldn’t be as useful for keeping water off of cars.

That was the only major complaint about this sprinkler head shield; it didn’t protect a car completely. For that purpose, the previous product is better. Size does matter in some cases.

LASCO 15-2523 Plastic Pop-Up Sprinkler Head Filter Screens for Shrub and 1/2-Inch Heads, 6-Pack 0.95L x 1.75W x 2H

These filters are either loved or hated, although it is mostly because they do not universally fit.

Many things can clog the filters of sprinkler heads. Hard water, sand, dirt and other debris can get into them and make it harder for the water to flow smoothly. When that happens, it is time to either clean them or replace them.

Being plastic, they can also break. That will also mean time to replace them. For the price, around three dollars, it’s worth the risk for the most part. Read the customer reviews to see if they will fit. Some Orbit and Rain Bird sprinkler heads don’t work.

Rainbird 1800FINESC Fine Mesh Nozzle Screen-Light Blue

When looking for specific sprinklers, this is a good product. They are designed to fit the Rain Bird sprinklers, which removes the risk of it not working. There were no customer reviews of this product, which can be considered a good sign.

Rain Bird 8VAN Variable Arc Adjustable Sprinkler Nozzle w/Screen, 8 Foot Radius

As with filters, nozzles can break or wear out on a sprinkler head. Instead of replacing the whole thing, products like this one will add to the life of the sprinkler.

There were a lot of reviews about this product. Most of them were five stars, but a few were lower. Many thought it was a good upgrade to their systems and commented on how well they worked. That said, there were a few complaints.

The biggest complaint was that the spray pattern was six feet to eight feet instead of five to eight. That may be because the seller sent the wrong units.

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