10 Best Cat Friendly Houseplants For Your Home

When you are in love with both cats and plants and want both of them in your house, then you have to consider your choices carefully. As a plant lover, you would want to grow various kinds of plants in your home. And as a cat lover, you would want to provide a safe environment for your cat. But some plants might be harmless to the human being, but they would be considered toxic to cats. In the market, you would find several cat-friendly plants for your home. These plants would not only add beauty to your house, but they are completely safe for your cats too. Here are some examples of plants that would be safe for your cats and would give a fresh look at your household.

List Of Cat-Friendly Plants

Spider Plant

When considering plants that would be easy to handle, then spider plant would be the best choice. They are not toxic and would be cultivated in are slightly darker areas. Another function of spider plants is that they would be able to purify the air present in your home. These cat-friendly plants have several verities that are available in the market. But it is recommended to grow spider plants away from your cats just to protect it from them.

Air Plants

This is another kind of plants that are easy to handle and would be considered non-toxic for your cat. These Tillandsia varieties of plants would add beauty points to your house and could make your house look more modern. You would just have to soak air plants in the water once or twice in the week for maintaining their fresh look. These cat-friendly plants don’t require any soil to grow, as they are capable of gaining essential nutrients from the air itself.

Ponytail Palm

source: annasflowers.ca/ponytail-palm

Ponytail Palm plants are one of the most common plants that could be found in every plant lover house. Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea Recurcvata) is an excellent choice for home decoration. They are succulent which has thin and long leaves along with a thick trunk. This thick trunk is capable of storing water which reduces the requirement of daily maintenance. If you have a cat in your home, then these cat-friendly plants would be your best choice for interior decor.  It is recommended to put Ponytail Palm plants in a well-lighted area for its proper growth.

Boston Ferns

Ferns would be another great choice for household plants. It would also act as a natural air humidifier and would be best for the winter season where you would have to pump dry air from heaters.  But various kinds of ferns would be harmful to both humans and pets. Thus, you have to be careful while selecting a fern plant. Boston fern belongs to the Pteridophyta family which would be considered as cat-friendly plants. Other classes of fern plants would be considered dangerous for both humans and cats.

Sedum Morganianum

The Sedum morganianum is generally called as burros tail succulent plants. They are easy to maintain and would be placed at any position of the household. Most commonly cats like to play with the small beads that come out of this plant. Burros tail succulent plants are completely non-toxic. It is recommended to place burros tail plants out the reach of your cat, as they would cause damage to the plants.


If you’re searching for indoor plants that would grow well in low-light conditions, then bromeliads would be your best choice. They are one of the most common household plants. These cat-friendly plants are available in different verities of color that would add bright color to your home. Bromeliad plants require low maintenance thus making the best plant for any household.

Cast Iron Plants

Cast Iron Plants would be considered as one of the toughest plants under the category of household plants. Cast-iron plants would thrive under any conditions in your household. Also, it would add beauty points to your decor. It doesn’t need much attention but sometime you would need to wipe down the green and wide leaves of this plant. These cat-friendly plants would be the best choice for those cat owners whose cats like to chew on leaves of the plant. The iron cast plants are non-toxic and won’t cause any harm to you and your cat.

Lipstick Plant

source: flickr.com/photos/lalouque/4043934616

Lipstick Plants are unique and would be considered to be fun to grow. This plant belongs to the Peperomia Family of plants which are also considered to be friendly to both cats and dogs. These cat-friendly plants are native to the tropical regions, thus it grows well under bright-light conditions. These plants require less attention and would also thrive under harsh winter conditions.

African Violet

source: almanac.com/plant/african-violets

This is another example of a low-maintenance plant which would increase the beauty points of your house. African violet is completely safe for your cats and would thrive under low-light conditions. They are available in the market in the form of either deep pinkish or purple hue. This plant would bloom all-round the year, thus you could enjoy the blooming of its flower in every season of the year.  It is recommended to keep this plant in a warm location.

Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants (Chamaedorea Elegans) are another type of air-purifying plants. Due to the ease of growing, Bamboo plants are very famous in every household for interiors decoration. These plants would grow up to the height of 10 to 12 feet and would have a width of 3 to 5 feet. These cat-friendly plants would be able to thrive under any light conditions. Bamboo plants would also help in detoxifying the air present inside your apartment.

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There are several options regarding plants that would be both safe for cats and would add beauty to your home.  Be sure to avoid harmful succulents, oleander and snake plants which would be harmful to both humans and cats. Therefore research properly the plants you want to buy for your home.

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