Who Are We

Gardeners’ Guide is all about growing nutrient dense food sustainably in our own backyards. Whether you’ve got just a small container garden or a 10-hectare farm, you’ll be able to apply these techniques and tips to grow more food with less resources.

It’s not just about reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and commercial fertilizers. We are about feeding every cell of your body with maximum nutrition in every bite you take. It’s about learning how to care for your plants and animals so they thrive and reward you with healthy food that tastes great and nourishes your family for generations to come.

Why Care About Your Soil

All life comes from the earth. Your soil has a direct relationship with every living organism in your garden and that includes you!

If your plants are sick or stunted it’s because your soil is sick or missing nutrients. It’s not your plants fault and you can’t solve it by “feeding your plants” either. To grow healthy nutritious crops you need healthy soil.

Your soil is a living breathing organism. It’s teaming with life invisible to the naked eye. Tiny microbes, bacteria, and fungi are the real powerhouses that give your crops everything they need to thrive.

More than 95% of all crops in America is grown on “dead soil”. Plants that only grow thanks to artificial fertilizers and irrigation. But what happens when fossil fuels run out?

Even now we’re seeing the effects of food grown on sterile farmland. Groceries are almost completely devoid of vitamins and minerals – the essential building blocks to our own bodies.

So is it any wonder we have such widespread sickness and disease across the globe? We’re all eating food grown in sick soil, stripped of nutrients and life by toxic commercial fertilizers and damaging farming practices.

If you’re concerned about your health or you want to protect your family from rising food prices (fossil fuel will only get more expensive as it runs out), then you need to start growing your own food in your backyard.

The good news?

Growing nutrient dense food is much easier than you think. Once you start focusing on improving your soil you’ll see a huge increase in the health and growth of your plants.

Your crops will reward you season after season with bigger and more nutritious harvests as the health of your soil increases and soon you’ll be!