13 DIY Decoration For Halloween Garden

In this Halloween yard decoration, we have featured 13 DIY Decoration For Halloween Garden ideas that will surely scare most of your visitors. Especially kids or even some adults!

Warning Sign

source: fulcrumsites.com

Lots of timid visitors may find this warning sign too scary. So, if you want to keep them away, installing it will do the job.

Black Terrifying Cat

source: hgtv.com

Black cats can be considered creepy. Besides that, it is easy to do, you just need to trace, cut and finally, paint it.


source: birdsandsoap.com

An old school sign that you can find mostly at horror movies. You can use scrap woods then paint it afterward, this will serve as a guide for your guest around the garden.

Bloodshot Eyeballs

source: diynetwork.com

A bloodshot eyeball scattered around your garden will surely make your visitors to remember it in coming years.

Hanging Bats For Trees

source: hgtv.com

You don’t need to worry about the rain, they are made from foams that you can hang around in your big tree.

Spooky Yard Ghost

source: pinkpixieforest.blogspot.com

Installing this Ghost will surely add a spooky aura around your garden.

Tombstone For Lawn

source: instructables.com

To scare most of your neighbors’ kids away from your lawn, this is one of the best ideas that you can try.

Ghost Bags

source: our-everyday-art.com

Do you have a lot of fallen leaves around your yard? You can stuff them inside the bags to make a cute little ghost around the yard.

Hooded Wraith

source: flickr.com

A really cool idea to terrify most people.

Elven Tree House

source: 1001gardens.org

Another cool idea that is not only good for Halloween but for any occasion!

Pumpkin On A Pathway

source: yournestdesign.blogspot.com

Classic design for Halloween but does not get old. This design will create a positive around your path feeling during Halloween.

Suspended Cocooned Spider For Tree

source: instructables.com

Hanging props such as a large cocooned spider for your tree branch will create a more spooky feeling for your garden.

Cemetery Fence For Yard

source: instructables.com

This simple and easy to make cemetery fence around the yard, won’t take much of your budget. However, it is an effective way to keep away and scare most of your neighbors.

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