12 Plants You Can Easily Clone From Cuttings

Do you want to multiply your plants but you don’t want to spend any money? You can simply do this by cutting your own plants, then put the stem in soil or soak the plant’s stem in the water. Basically, it clones the parent plant. This may sound like science fiction, but it’s not! It’s a natural process of a plant to regrow by itself. The cloning of plants is a very common method of propagation. Here are the 12 plants you can easily grow from cuttings.

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List of Easy To Clone Plants From Cuttings


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Aster is a beautiful plant that looks like a daisy but with a starry-shaped flower head.


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Mint is a companion plant that can be used as garden accents, air fresheners, and to repel insects.


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source: pixabay.com/photos/rosemary-herb-plant-culinary-2652925

Rosemary is a perennial shrub that has an aromatic scent and can be used in cooking and has medicinal properties.


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Basil is a medicinal plant that can also use in culinary. They’re the main ingredient of Italian food pesto.


source: needpix.com/photo/196723/thyme-plant-herb

Thyme is a culinary herb that you can also grow from cuttings.


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Like thyme, Sage is another culinary herb that you can easily grow from cuttings.


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Rose is a well-known classic plant that you can also propagate from cuttings.


source: pexels.com/photo/shallow-focus-photography-of-pink-petaled-flowers-1082162

Like the rose, it’s also a well known and popular plant.

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source: pixabay.com/photos/camellias-flowers-garden-plant-3983698

Camellias are truly attractive plants that are highly prized for their beautiful flowers.


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One of the most beautiful flowering plants is Hydrangea. They are excellent for your garden.

Butterfly Bush

source: pixabay.com/photos/butterfly-bush-lilac-plant-378513

Butterfly Bush can easily be easily propagated from cuttings.


source: maxpixels.net/Flowers-Lavender-Plant-Violet-Purple-Flower-2117366

The propagation of lavender from cuttings is surprisingly easier than growing them from seeds.

Propagating The Plants Properly

  • The first step is to choose a healthy part of the plant you want to propagate.
  • Take off the unwanted leaves on the lower half of the cutting, just make sure you don’t remove the leaves at the top. If it’s a herb like sage or basil, you can easily peel off the leaves using your fingers else, use a scissor or a sharp knife to remove the leaves. If you don’t have a good pruning scissor, check this heavy duty pruning shears.
  • Locate the stem that has a node then cut below it. (node is a spot on the stem where a leaf was attached). You can also use a rooting hormone to speed up and help the process of rooting. If you plan to use a rooting hormone, I recommend that you check this product to help your plant cuttings for successful rooting.
  • If your plant cutting is hardwood or woody stems, place them in a potting mix of sand and soil. For softwood cuttings such as herb like rosemary, basil, or sage, a jar of water is enough. Don’t crowd them and make sure that each cutting can get enough light and air. For now, you don’t need to put fertilizer in it since the plant doesn’t have any roots yet. If you plan to put it in soil, make sure it’s not too thick and compressed so that the water can drain well.
  • To keep the moisture in your plant cuttings, place a clear plastic bag over it. This will help them retain moisture since they don’t have roots to pull water. Just make sure the plastic is clear so your plant can get enough light and place them away from direct sunlight.


After 1 to 3 weeks, the roots will start to appear. This is the indicator that you’ve successfully clone your plant. Now that you know how to propagate them properly, you can fill your garden with your existing plants. Happy planting!

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